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pack your patience. late word on what is delaying travelers. complete bay area news cover repblg. starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00 -- coverage. starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. tonight, we are gearing up for the next round of wild weather. right now people are keeping watch of rising water to the north bay. we are giving you a look here at the russian river, one of the places where a flood watch remains in effect. the santa cruz mountains were another hot spot today. pg&e says it is deploying four mobile command centers with communication so it can respond quickly to hard-hit areas. the wet weather and slick areas are causing trouble all over the bay area today. we are giving awe a live look.
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friday night traffic heading into san francisco is rolling smoothly. we do have live team coverage of today's big storm for you and the next one still on the way. pattiy lee is monitoring delays we begin with palo alto where the rain might keep people away from a sporting event. >> reporter: the game is now half over. inside it seems like the stadium is only half full. we went inside to shoot quick pictures to show you that that it looks like many fans simply stayed home or just did not come here because of the bad weather. some sections were almost completely empty. then, a lot of fans stayed on outside to cheer on the cardinals. one is going on with a tv on the side of the motor home and the party was protected from the elements. people were more protected than one fan who had the weather
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suit to beat all weather suit. >> cheer plastic. a leisure suit, middle '70s gig. >> the perfect day for it? >> i feel like i am in style. >> tell me what it is like to watch the game out here like this. >> it is fun to be here with friends. i would rather be inside. that would be cool. i have done it both. >> amazing weather here. great life. it is like paradise. we are going to win because l.a. people can't handle this. >> that's right. >> reporter: much of the parking around the stadium is unpaved so drainage is a problem. some parking spaces were unusable because of the standing water. people that came seemed ub daunted undaunted by the rain. >> russian river has risen 14 feet in the past 24 hours with all of the run off from the downpours, people were visiting johnson beach to watch the
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river rise. fences are disappearing a long with the parking lot that is going under water. >> right across the river here there is -- there is a dam and the dam is totally under water. so it is abuff the dam. >> take a look at this. while the crew was reporting on river road this morning they were able to watch as the floodwaters began to rise from the local creek there. the heavy rain threatened homes at a mobile home park it this morning after the lake in the center of the complex overflowed. the manager of the complex said flooding is t uncommon during flooding rain and forces them to purchase water out. he was not the only one getting wet. they were knee-deep in water trying to cheer the clogged storm drains. >> -- clear the clogged storm drains. >> they were clearing the oak into a tree chipper. it came crashing down this morning. both of the family's cars are totaled they are grateful it
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just missed the homeowner's bedroom. the rain caused a problem for one homeowner, two downed trees caused part of his home to cave in. crews on the scene tell us one large bay tree fell that knocked over another bay tree and then both hit the house. >> it scared me. it was a big crash. and i really -- really what woke me up it fell on a ladder so i heard the clatter. i knew it was a tree down but i did not -- beyond that i did not know. >> officials say it could have been worse. the first tree was so big it would of caused more damage if the second tree did not break its fall. in san francisco, ocean beach, flooding chosed down part of the highway for the third time. clearing drains including one here that you see here. let's go now to meteorologist mark tamayo in the weather center with a look at the rain totals for right now. >> impressive considering we have the bulk of the rainfall within a few hours had this morning. just in time for the morning
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commute. right now, we can show you the rainfall totals and look at santa rosa. three 1/2 inches, san rafael, 3.5 inches. san jose over an inch. this is quite a bit of rainfall. we have a few scattered rain showers out this right now. nothing too extreme but scattered showers up in parts of the north bay. let the maps go down to the south in san francisco. a little bit of activity here. but the bulk of the rainfall is heading out to the south. we still have this. the flash flood watch to talk about right on in through sunday evening. there is another storm developing off shore, coming up i will let you know when it approaches the bay area and how much rain to expect. >> thank you, mark. slippery roads contribute to a slew of accidents today. in oakly a child was thrown from the vehicle in this crash on highway 4. they said that the jeep spun out of control just before 1:00 p.m. at least two people were taken to the hospital.
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you see one of them there. the extent of their injuries is not known. two people managed to escape unhurt from a firery crash today. it happened about 10:30 a.m. right on 580. the highway patrol says the driver of the toyota camry was going too fast for the weather conditions and lost control. the car struck a guardrail and caught on fire. some flights in and out of the bay area were canceled or delayed today. the airlines are still trying to play catch up. pattiy lee joins us live to tell us why in just the past hour or so the delays have gotten worse. >> that is right. in the past 1 1/2 hours, the number of canceled flights jumped from 80 to 110. you can see the big problem is the worsening weather. just after 5:00 tonight, the faa issued a new warning that this weather and low visibility because of the clouds that travelers especially inhundred bound travelers should expect delays to increase from one
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hour to three for the rest of the night. >> reporter: notice the delays and cancellations light up this board at sfo. >> i had a 1-hour dehay. i got here really early. i walked around the airport and seen the museum and the international terminal. >> reporter: this traveler says he was so worried that storm damaged roads would make him miss his night he got to the airport with too many hours to spare. he was not alone. >> when i was coming over i checked my flight and i have about an hour dehay. >> airlines tried -- delay. airlines tried to minimize the delays but the number of canceled flights jumped. >> in terms of today's cancellations what we are seeing are happening on more short haul flights up and down the west coast today. >> as the day wore on, it caused a domino effect made worse as a new storm system came in. they tell us it is not just the speed of the wind that caused
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problems but the direction. forced changes in the way that plains take off and land. >> where we are taking off now with the southerly wind that is with this system wee have kind of a 180 in terms of how we are taking off and landing. because of the shifting situation here at sfo a spokesman tells us it is always good to check night information before you head for the airport. when you are the traveler or here to pick up friends or family. sfo is bearing the brunt of the weather. oak land and san jose are not reporting delays. patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we have is late word that just about 20 minutes ago 2,000 customers are without power in the bay area. the bulk of the outragees are in the north and east bay and in the santa cruz mountains. they tell us 100,000 customers lost power in the bay area at one point during the storm. k it tvu has more storm watch coverage for you -- ktvu has more storm watch coverage for
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you. you will be able to view the radar. we are following developing news in oakland where a shopping mall was evacuated for more than two hours because of a suspicious package. we were over the air as the bomb squad investigated. the oakland police say after 4:30 a security guard noticed a package. the mall has a mcdonald's and other restaurants and businesses there. nearby streets were shutdown and we just learned the scene was cleared 30 minutes ago. no word about the package. the police are working to find out the identity of the person found dead in a house fire. by the time the firefighters got there the cabin was almost destroyed. the firefighters were mopping up they discovered a body in the rubble. the cause is under investigation. the cause of an early morning fire is under investigation tonight. it was reported before 7:45 on south 24th street. the firefighters say the fire was contained to the attic but parts of the main business were
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damaged by waoert. at first firecrews had difficulty attacking the blaze because of a hazardous location of an electrical panel. congress could ruin christmas according to president barack obama. the speaker flatly rejected their proposal. >> if congress does nothing, every family in america will see their income taxes automatically go up on january 1st. that is sort of like the lump of coal you get for christmas. the scrooge christmas. >> the president's proposal calls for extends the tax cuts for the middle class. according to the speaker, republicans are not interested in any plan that raises taxes. >> increasing tax rates draws money away from our economy that needs to be invested in our economy to put the american people back to work.
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now, it is the wrong approach. sthao republicans want the tax cut extended for everyone not just the middle class. they will work towards an agreement before the january 1st deadline. the gridlock on capitol hill was left unchanged. nasdaq dropped chose to 2. the judge says the boy scouts do not have to release files containing decades of sexual abuse complaints. a court in texas allowed the release of files from 1959 to 1985. they listed hundreds of cases in which scout leaders or volunteers from the bay area were dismissed for their behavior. the order today covers files from 1985 to last year. the spokesman says keeping cases confidential encourages people to report abuse. a south bay mansion is the scene of a homicide. why investigator his to rush to collect evidence. and everyone wants to know is this the moment one man learned that his life had
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changed forever? the video that may answer the mystery surroundinged with's massive powerball jackpot. and, we are still on storm watch. we still have a few lingering rain showers on storm tracker 2 and another system developing off shore. coming up we will break down the timing for the heaviest rain and the part of the bay area that will bring down six inches of rain this weekend
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eight defendants charged in the beating of a 14-year-old will not enter pleas until next year. today, the judge in this case criticized the police for the slow pace of releasing evidence to the defense attorneys. they defend today it as overworked and under staffed. they were broughtly beaten. the authorities in the south bay are investigating an early morning break in at a home that left one man dead. this is the first homicide there since 1972. hernandez explains how the weather made things more difficult for investigators. >> reporter: these locked gates are meant to keep out crime. last night they didn't. the wife inside made a desperate 911 call summoning the police to the home. saying she freed herself after being tied up in a home invasion, seven minutes later they found the mansion ransacked and the head dead. >> i would think someone had apidea of what they were going
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to -- had an idea of what they were going to do before they went there. >> reporter: the police squad cars remain parked in the mansion's driveway. the police could say little about what the wife told them only that the invasion happened just before 1:30 this morning. the woman was not badly hurt. in this community and city of under 4,000 residents the news was more than unnerving for some. >> i am 50 yards away. >> reporter: this man said by the end of the day he will change security around his home. >> this has not happened before. and it is -- i am taken back by it. i am shocked. >> my friends keep calling me. are you okay? my house is right there. >> my husband makes me lock -- in the summer or sliding doors i leave them open. he is twoing to steal the computer not that someone is going to get murdered. >> reporter: the biggest obstacle was weather, washing
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away evidence. >> i have been here chose close to 30 years. this is a road used well by walkers, jogger, power walkers. >> not by crime, back to you. prosecutors dropped murder charges against the los angeles woman accused of beating her husband to death with a coffee cup. she was arrest inside new york in august on her way to work at the u.s. open as a tennis referee. her head died in los angeles in april. first, they believe he had fallen but letter the police say they suspect ised his wife, of 50 years, had killed him. she said she was innocent and passed a lie detector test. members of a missouri family are hoping to stay grounded after a life-changing event. winning half of the $588 million powerball jackpot. >> other than a few trips here and there and college funds. my husband is keeping the same old pick up truck.
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he did ask for a red camaro. >> maybe he will get it. >> they will take home a lump sum payment of $136 million. they will set up funds for their four children, give to charity and enjoy a pretty good christmas. now, the other winning ticket was sold outside of phoenix. there is speculation a guy in maryland could be the winner. that man in the yellow neon suit. he checks the ticket with the clerk and he pumps it with excitement. the customer says the mystery man asked him to double-check the ticket as well. >> he says is this the right numbers. yeah. those are the numbers, man, you got them all. >> according to a gas station employee the ticket was from arizona. the winner has 180 days to claim his prize. >> california ban on gay conversion therapy is heard in court. the lawsuit takes effect january 1st. prohibits the use of techniques to change the sexualorien take
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of gay minors. this morning in sacramento lawyers for counselors and parents who support gay therapy asked a judge to block the measure. they say it violates speech and religious. advocates and opponents of same sex marriage in california will have to wait until monday to see if the supreme court will take up this issue. rob roth reports on the steps they are taking in san fran if california's ban is overturned. >> reporter: here at city haul this couple got married. this couple wanted to get married. they were hoping to find out if same sex marriage is legal in california. but, after closed doors the justices took no action on proposition 8 or any of the cases involving same sex marriage. >> we are in the same waiting pattern we have been in for several years now. >> reporter: the couple could learn more monday. that is when the high court
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will see another case. if it takes it the case will come next year. supporters are hoping the supreme court will not decide to review proposition 8. that would mean the lower court ruling would take hold, legalizing same sex marrage in california. >> we are going to get a marriage license as soon as we can. >> the officials say they have begun wrapping up and if the supreme court decides on monday not to take the case, same sex marriages can begin as soon as tuesday. >> we will be ready with volunteers that we have in place and volunteers who are being trained today. they will have a 1-stop shop for anyone who wants to get married. >> reporter: that is what happen inside 2008. for six months -- happened in 2008. for six months it was legal and thousands of couples tied the knot. then, the right was taken away. that could change next week. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. today was moving day at the state capitol.
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they spent the day moving boxing and getting rate for a new session on monday. the legislature includes 38 new members and 10 new state senators. in some cases the foul weather has been more than an inconvenience. today's narrow escape of two people passing,the park. a bit p of a break right now. mark tamayo is tracking another round of rain. his time hine on the wet weekend, ahead.
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two people barely escaped after a tree fell on their minivan. regional parks crew cut the tree into pieces and then cheered the road. mark tamayo has been busy tracking rain. we are in a bit of a lull right now but it is not over. >> last night at this time we were tracking storm number two and this time tomorrow night we will have track storm three. right now the maps on live storm tracker 2, you can pick out the coverage and the heaviest rain has us out of town. mainly towards napa. the darker shades of green. the yellows correspond to quite a bit of rainfall rolling through the region and moving t
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smaller activity out there. around the walnut creek area. nothing major. and, a bit of activity with light showers towards the mountains. here is the overall set up. today's storm moved to the east. we still have moisture. as a result we will hold on to scattered rain showers for tonight and into your saturday. our next storm developing, this swings into the area saturday night and into sunday morning. this will be the source. we are calling it storm 3 for more rainfall. saturday, occasional off and on showers, you know it is here. that moves in on sunday morning. 5:00 and 10:00. here is the forecast model. you will see a few rain showers starting out your saturday morning at 7:00. really favoring parts of the north bay towards the south bay as well. then, off and on by 1:00 into the afternoon hours. then, you will notice -- notice a little more activity in the north bay. expanding the view, taking it
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into sunday. saturday night into sunday. the front, moving onshore. and gradually sliding to the south by sunday afternoon. the heaviest rain expected on sunday morning. we will have to keep an eye on this. the russian river, the flood watch close posted on monday. right now, 23 feet. monday morning, just under flood stage at 32 feet. watching out for that as we head into sunday and monday. forecast highs for tomorrow, main he in the upper 50s to the 60s. and, here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, heavy rain on sunday morning, increasing clouds on monday. a chance of a few showers on tuesday. >> mark, thank you. today marks 30 years since the release of the bestselling album of all-time. [music] ♪ because this is thriller ... >> michael jackson's "thriller" was released on this day back in 1982. the album features seven hit singles by the king of pop
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"billy jean" and of course, "thriller" to this day it is still the bestselling album of all-time. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you the next time news breaks. our storm watch coverage continues with the 10:00 news, tmz is up right here on tv36. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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